Broadcasting every Sunday from 9-10am, Generation HOPE is a radio program that aspires to assist in nurturing growing minds with the innate multiple intelligence and emotional quotient (gratitude, empathy, respect, generosity and resilience among others) through sound interaction and audio production. It serves as a platform for youngsters to showcase their talents and inherent aptitude as well as articulate their views and insights as a youth. It aims to be an enjoyable, educational and resource radio program accessible to school aged children and your adults. It is a program that is fun in terms of music and topic selections. The program is educational as discussions therein are relative and relevant to growing youngsters. Generation HOPE can also be a resource program having consultations with parents, experienced/ trained educators/ professionals and specialists.

The program is being moderated by founding presenter Ms Jinky Marsh who herself was nurtured at a young age. Ms Marsh is joined in by a team of specialists and educators who provide key messages for our young listeners – Ms Danni da Ros (performing arts), Mr Harry Jing (media arts and production) and Mr Christopher Booth (music ministry and character formation).   Local Youth co-presenters are also welcomed to participate. This allows co-presenters to gain invaluable experience in community engagement and overview of radio broadcasting, presenting, interviewing, audio editing as well as being part of a team. Due to pandemic, interviews are done via live zoom meeting broadcasts.   

Youth co-presenters:

1. October 2019 – Jackson Attwood, Year 9

2. November 2019 – Hammad Omar, Year 3

3. December 2019 – William Varga, Year 4

4. January 2020 – Ben Chocron, Year 7 

5. February 2020 – Jack Parkinson, Year 8

6. March 2020 – Cameron Marsh, Year 4

7. December 2020 – Amelia Hibbard – Year 4


9 Jun 2024, 9am

9 Jun 2024, 9am Generation Hope Generation Hope Podcast – 2024-6-9 [00:00:00] 9:00 am – Generation Hope [00:00:04] 9:09 am – Generation Hope

2 Jun 2024, 9am

2 Jun 2024, 9am Generation Hope Generation Hope Podcast – 2024-6-2

26 May 2024, 9am

26 May 2024, 9am Generation Hope Generation Hope Podcast – 2024-5-26

19 May 2024, 9am

19 May 2024, 9am Generation Hope Generation Hope Podcast – 2024-5-19