Aussie Grown Radio is a faith-based organisation with a heart and mission for service and support to the Australian Christian music industry, specifically the bands and artists creating the music. Our mission is to bring the Gospel to the nation through the music we play and information we provide. Our vision is to create a syndicated radio show heard on all community radio stations in Australia. Our main focus is the production of a 1 hour music programme called “Aussie Grown Across The Nation” (AGATN). AGATN contains music from Australian Christian bands and artists with the odd Kiwi added every now and then. Our moto: “We play everything from the grass roots to the charts.” AGATN includes music from a wide genre from folk, indie, pop and rock to country and hip hop. Our music is sourced from artists that profess a Christian faith. (See out website for further details about our Music Selection) The programme is broken up into 4 segments of approx. 12 minutes each and includes 11 songs in total. Each song is accompanied by short commentary by the presenter, Hank David, giving details about the artist: their location, current/future recording status and gigs, plus pertinent information about their music ministry. Each week one artist is featured in the Artist Spotlight in segment 2 in which we include 2 songs and an interview with the artist speaking about the featured songs and music mission. We also provide additional support for our artists through our website with our Home page featuring a selection of the artists in our current week’s show including photos and artist profile information. Our website lists over 1100 Christian artists and contains a Gig guide which is updated regularly with national gig information.