This is a question that often pops up within the membership. There are different ways to measure your number of listeners.

I have loved radio since I was a kid. I’d follow different stations and different radio stars. I used to think the radio ratings could be measured by how many people actually turned their radio on, at home or in the car, and that there was some tech piece of equipment that counted the listeners, of course this was not the way a radio audience was measured back then.

Today it is different. The radio listener apps, (Of which there are many) are able to actually count the number of devices logged in. This will be an accurate measure of who is listening as the old AM/FM radio becomes a rarely used antique. Commercial radio stations use the figures from streaming service providers to justify to advertisers what they can charge for a 30 second radio commercial. – over $1000 per 30 seconds in the case of Kyle and Jackie O.

The McNair Yellow Squares Radio Ratings Survey has been the benchmark of who’s listening to the radio. It breaks down the stations, the timeslots and the age demographics. It’s a tool for advertising agencies, not an actual count of who’s listening, just a percentage breakdown of a survey. That percentage breakdown is then cross referenced with the population. In that survey, a percentage of the figure goes to “Other stations”. – this includes Triple H 100.1.

Replace your question of: “How many?” with the question of “Who is?”.  Also ask yourself: Who have I asked to listen to me?

You are now on your own pathway of counting your Triple H audience. If they enjoy your program without turning off then you are a successful radio presenter enjoying the satisfaction of knowing you have an audience.