AS NATHAN ELLIOT, the incredibly talented bugler of Hornsby’s Dawn service took his great Grandfather’s WW1 instrument to his mouth and played the Last Post, a cool autumn wind blew through the streets of Hornsby. The crowds of people stopped, stood still, their heads bowed, remembering the men and women who fought and are still fighting for peace around the world.

Hundreds of people turned out to attend the 2019 Hornsby Returned Servicemen League ANZAC Day dawn service. They remembered the ideals of courage, endurance and mateship that are still relevant today. They also commemorated the men and women who were injured or lost their lives from wars both past and present and thanked them for their remarkable sacrifice.

The crowds of people were addressed by Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer who spoke with humility reminding us of the hard realities people have had to face and are still facing today. He encouraged people to not only think about these events on the 25th of April but every day.

“What is it that we remember and how do we show that remembrance? Do we just do it once a year or do we remember every day?

Don’t just recite words, hold hands and walk beside each other.”

Our very own Neil Ashworth from Streetbeat and Eagle from Sunday Sessions took the service to the airwaves on Triple H 100.1fm. Neil Ashworth said “Anzac Day for me is recognising the cost of war in blood and treasure. And if our governments continue to put our military in harms way, then they should be prepared to support them, not just in battle, not just when they return, but probably for the rest of their lives.” Thank you to Neil, Eagle and the team for their hard work before, after and during the proceedings.

Lucy from the Triple H show Stay in the Loop with Lucy was there and live streamed the parade to Facebook. If you missed the opportunity to attend head to Facebook @triplehfm or @stayintheloopwithlucy

Lucy and Neil reflects “and as this ANZAC Day service in Hornsby comes to an end the parade passes by “… and “Watch as the last star fades into the morning sky and we begin a new day”.

In the words of Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer, “There is nothing glamorous or boastful about war. We will remember and learn from the sacrifice of others.”