WASTE MATTERS ♻️ | Congratulations to Triple H member & community volunteer Agnes Yiu, who has been recognised by Hornsby Council as their latest local waste champion!

Agnes has lived in Hornsby for 24 years since arriving from Vancouver, Canada and had over 15 years on radio during her time at Canada. During that time, Agnes has assisted many Chinese Australians by translating complex waste and recycling information into Cantonese and Mandarin.

AT Triple H, Agnes presents her own program, North Shore Voice of Chines from 9 – 10pm on Saturdays.

Recently Agnes presented at Hornsby Council ‘Recycling Talk in Cantonese’ event on Zoom, in her fun and informative manner. She is an enthusiastic recycling champion and Hornsby Council are grateful for her knowledge and assistance in educating our Community.

Agnes believes that many challenges can be improved by creating new habits, such as bringing your own shopping bags to reduce single-use plastics