Greetings from Triple HHH team! Good day 

You may have seen recently some lights popping up around the apartments in Hornsby shire and Waitara oval buildings , and also on some houses , yes it’s the festival of lights also known as  Diwali or Deepawali “  a row of lamps/lights“. The festival of Deepawali lasts for 5 days celebrated in the month of Hindu lunisolar Kartika on Amavasya night ( no moon night ) Celebrated mostly by Hindus , Buddhists , Jains ,Sikhs ;as well as other religions , celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm in India as well as abroad  in South east Asia and over 15 countries worldwide . 

It is a festival celebrating the love of people for their exiled Prince Rama, his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, who returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, slaying the demon king Ravana, helped by monkey king Hanumana. Its also considered auspicious to clean up and renovate to welcome Goddess Lakshmi/Laxmi (wealth) and Sarawati (knowledge and Music) and Goddess Kali, with the elephant god Ganesha (as with all auspicious festivals) 

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, the time of win of the Devas (Gods) over Asuras (demons) for drinking the eternal water,” Amrit “to be eternal so they churned the oceans for the Amrit, when goddess Laxmi arose from the ocean bed, and got married to Lord Vishnu, celebrating her birth month of Kartika as Deepawali. 

For Sikhs it marks the celebration of release of their sixth religious Guru Hargovind ji from fort of Mughal emperor, and the formal opening of the Golden Temple Amritsar in early 1900’s.

With the festival good food is not far behind   savoury dishes Veg panner ( feta like cheese ) Biryani ,  Samosas , Puri ( flatbreads ) with lots of sweets like Gulab Jamuns , Gujiya , Kaju Katli, Coconut ladoos  , Kheer  to name a few are made at home and presented to friends and family , crackers are burst ( especially since ancient belief of scaring the evil with sound , now only environment friendly crackers are encouraged to reduce pollution from smoke)  Firework displays ,  sharing with community  especially less fortunate to share well-being and happiness ….

In Sydney usually the Opera house is lit up in all its glory to commensurate the festival of lights. City of Parramatta, Hornsby, Castle hill, Blacktown as well as celebration in other states! We are indeed in a lucky country that celebrates life, shares the good vibes 

Namaskar be safe and may the warmth of the Deepawali lights overcome the darkness, and yes hearing the Jingle bells approaching.

As Covid-19 recedes, there’s no better time to celebrate and share joy and happiness. I feel its also a time to focus on the wellbeing and health of inner soul after all there’s no better wealth than health, as the saying goes:

” Namaskar be safe and may the warmth of the Deepawali lights overcome the darkness, and yes hearing the Jingle bells approaching.”